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Workshops - Teleclasses

NO WORKSHOPS ARE SCHEDULED YET.  But stay 'tuned'!  Let me tell you what they will be like.  They will take place in Oakhurst, California, Coming into Oakhurst along Highway 41 from the south a picturesque mountain community halfway between Fresno and Yosemite National Park.   They will be one day in length.   You will learn what real life coaching looks like, by seeing a sample session, possibly be involved with one.  You will learn how dream work, voice dialog, shadow work can unlock the potentials within you.   You will experience creating non-verbal energetics, and seeing the impact of them upon others.

Plentiful and reasonable accommodations are available in the Oakhurst area, year round, and yes, we are accessible in the winter.   Normally we are above the (Central Valley) fog but below the snow!

Send an e-mail if you have questions or are interested or concerned about a specific date.

TELECLASSES: NO TELECLASSES ARE SCHEDULED YET.  But stay tuned!   Let me tell you what they will be like.   At a specified date and time, you call a specified number.   You connect to a "bridge line" - like a conference call with the coach and all other 'classmates' on the line.  People will ask questions - you listen to the answers, maybe ask a few yourself.   Probably someone will 'step up to the plate' for a sample coaching session - maybe you!  But, if someone else rather than you steps up, you would silently listen in and find out how it goes.

Send an e-mail if you have any questions.

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